Happy #screenshotsaturday guys!

We want to show you the first concept art sketch for Moo Lander. The drawing is made by Wallok Art – he is the concept artist for our game.

We don’t want to spoil the game for you, so we won’t reveal any details about this scene for now We will have the actual in-game graphics for this scene very soon and we will show you how it looks very soon!

Another concept that we want to show you is the one for the “spawner plant” enemy:

Spawner Plant Concept

This evil plant will shoot you with a parabolic shot with it’s seed. If you dodge the bullet and the bullet hit the ground a new plant will be spawned.

You should be very fast around these plants because they can multiply very quickly and the situation can become really dangerous for you.




Vasi Halaicu is the guy that is drawing the in-game graphics for us. He did an amazing job bringing the life out of this concept. We have done the animation and it pretty much looks like this:

Spawner plant animation cycle

This GIF is captured outside Unity, so this is why you can’t see the actual bullet firing.







We have shared some more screenshots and info about the current development in our last vlog – you can find it here.

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