We don’t have the best drawing skills. In fact, we don’t have any drawing skills… This doesn’t stop us from drawing the sketches for our games. We have a lot of fun while drawing stuff on paper or……Paint.

Here we will reveal some of our sketches and drawings for the “first” Moo Lander.


This is the sketch for the energizer (the device that gives electricity to your spaceship) on Mars. Not bad, huh?

And here is the sketch for the energizer  on the Earth. It is pretty close!

Level design

This is an actual design for one of our levels on Mars. Nothing strange. Right? 😀

Splash screen

And the splash screen – the sketch and the product afterwards. You can see that pretty much everything is in the same place – the birds, the mountains, the cow, the spaceship. If you look closely at the sketch (on the right) you will even see the grey waterfall and the tree in front of it.

We have a lot of drawings, but we won’t show all of them. Well, at least for now : )