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Based in Plovdiv, Bulgaria


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XBox One (not confirmed)
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A game where you play trough a hollywood like storyline and while doing that you are using a vast array of abilities to fight your way trough different and intelligent enemies. You fly a spaceship and just beam cows up to help your civilization, while you are searching for a mythical device that can save your kind. The gameplay will be extremely diverse and filled with a lot of emotions like epicness, grief, humor and exploration. Combine that with beautiful 2D graphics and music that will complete the player immersion in the alien world of Moo Lander.


Early history

The intiail idea behind the game came together in 2013 - there were not many cool mobile games at that time, so we decided to make one great game, that we would like to play. The first idea was pretty simple - you fly with your spaceship and suck cows. In the development process we made the storyline bigger, we added enemies and several more abilities, we made bigger and more complex levels. The problem was that we got too far from the initial idea and the game became too big and complex for mobile. One day we just decided to stop, rethink our ideas and start again.

After that

We discussed a ton of ideas, expanded the storyline and in the summer of 2018 we decided to make Moo Lander again, but this time we will target PC and consoles so we will be able to develop all of our ideas without any limitations. The game engine of our choice is Unity. We like the concepts of the Metroidvania games so we decided that the game will be based on these concepts.


Currently we have the complete storyline, we have built the main systems and concepts, we have made prototypes of our enemies and puzzles in the game and we have already validated most of them with players. We have also built a prototype level, that showcases the mechanics of Moo Lander which can be downloaded from our website. We have asembled a very efficient team of 7 people and we have created a demo that features the first 25 minutes of Moo Lander as they will be in the full game plus 2 addictive couch-multiplayer modes!


  • The game will present you the emotional story of an alien character that is sent on a mission to save his civilization.
  • Your journey will lead you through 6 different places on the ancient planet Earth, each of them swarming with different challenges, puzzles, enemies and mighty cows.
  • As you progress, you unlock different unique abilities that help you with overcoming the difficulties. These abilities can be upgraded in a few directions so you can choose the way you approach the game.
  • You will encounter different enemies that can interact with the environment and you will have to think of different aproach for fighting every single one of them. Some enemies will evolve and you will have to rethink your strategy.
  • You will encounter the ancient mighty cows of the Earth. Every cow fight will be epic and different and you will have to approach it carefuly because the cows can kill you in many ways.


Cinematic YouTube

Demo Trailer YouTube

Gameplay (Prototype) YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (59MB)
New Trailer Demo 034.jpg
New Trailer Demo 073.jpg
New Trailer Demo 126.jpg
New Trailer Demo 270.jpg
New Trailer Demo 408.jpg
New Trailer Demo 354.jpg
New Trailer Demo 183.jpg
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New Trailer Demo 051.jpg
New Trailer Demo 628.jpg
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New Trailer Demo 595.jpg
New Trailer Demo 244.jpg
New Trailer Demo 118.jpg
New Trailer Demo 257.jpg
New Trailer Demo 404.jpg
New Trailer Demo 424.jpg
New Trailer Demo 386.jpg
New Trailer Demo 576.jpg
New Trailer Demo 615.jpg
New Trailer Demo 302.jpg
New Trailer Demo 518.jpg
New Trailer Demo 485.jpg
New Trailer Demo 400.jpg
New Trailer Demo 170.jpg
New Trailer Demo 008.jpg
New Trailer Demo 049.jpg
New Trailer Demo 641.jpg
New Trailer Demo 350.jpg
New Trailer Demo 199.jpg
New Trailer Demo 180.jpg
New Trailer Demo 442.jpg
New Trailer Demo 136.jpg
New Trailer Demo 677.jpg
New Trailer Demo 160.jpg
New Trailer Demo 466.jpg
New Trailer Demo 333.jpg
New Trailer Demo 594.jpg
New Trailer Demo 155.jpg
New Trailer Demo 218.jpg
New Trailer Demo 375.jpg

There are far more images available for Moo Lander, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!



  • "Participation and live demo" - Game Dev Summit Indie Prize, Sofia, March 2018
  • "Live demo and presentation" - EEGS Gaming StartUp Challenge, Sofia, November 2017
  • "Live demo at the game conference's stand" - Game Dev Summit, Sofia, June 2017


Some of our ideas for the soundtrack thesixthhammer.com.

Track the development process in our blog moolander.com.

Prototype Level
Download and try Moo Lander prototype on your PC moolander.com.

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Yasen Bagalev
Concept, Programing, Level Design, Music

Dimitar Popov
Concept, Programing, Level Design, Music

Ivaylo Palchev

German Galindo
Concept Art

Vasile Halaicu
Game Art

Baranceanu Constantin
Game Art

Veselin Palavrov

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