Moo Lander is a complex game with many interesting features! Below are the most important aspects that we want to touch on – take a look before you engage in the epic adventure that is Moo Lander


Moo Lander is a unique blend of platforming, puzzle solving and resource management. All of this – presented in great 2D graphics, memorable environments, excellent level design and challenging combat. Your hero is operating the last viable spaceship of his dying civilization. The mission – gather enough of the precious milk resource in order to save your home world. This is no easy task, as the milk is guarded by the Ancient Mighty Cows! Each biome has its own Cow guardian with different portfolio of abilities and traits.

You must go through treacherous terrain and defeat all kinds of hostile flora and fauna, native to the mysterious planet you explore. Coupled with smart puzzle solving, environmental hazards and obstacles, Moo Lander provides a mash-up of crazy cool, memorable gaming experiences. Adding a multiplayer couch co-op to the mix (with even the option to play as the mighty cow bosses) defines the game as a fun, family friendly way to spend some quality time together in the living room.


Eons ago, there were two ancient civilizations – The Landers and The Anunnaki. Primitive at first, but blessed with durability and long-life span, the two peoples managed to evolve beyond their raw tribalist nature. They became highly advanced, developing amazing technology and inventions. The main reason for this advancement was the cosmic milk – the source of all tech and knowledge of the two races, as well as the most potent and powerful cosmic resource.


The Landers and The Anunnaki lived together in peace, but in time The Anunnaki became greedy – they wanted all the milk for themselves. This naturally led to a great conflict between the two mighty folk – The Great Milk Wars. After long and bloody battles, all the cows (the creatures that produced the milk) were killed and the two races were doomed to extinction.


In the end, a Truce was made, and the Anunnaki mysteriously disappeared in the deep reaches of space. The Landers remained on their home planets, battered and engaged in active survival. But without the milk or the cows, there was little hope.


The Milk Sages of The Landers recalled an ancient legend about a device that could produce infinite amounts of milk. As a last resort, they sent their bravest warrior on a mission to find this legendary device and save the dying worlds of The Landers. In a lightning-fast tragic accident seconds later, he died…


This is where you step in – your mission is to find the legendary milk-generating device in order to save your nation from extinction.


In Moo Lander you play as one of the most elite soldiers of the Landers! As such, you have to undertake the most important mission of your life – to find the milk-generating device and save your civilization from extinction!

Your character is both wise and funny. He will have an interesting backstory for you to uncover and will share a deep bond with his ship’s AI, Hamilton, which will be an amazing piece of technology that’s able to do almost anything. During the gameplay, they will often have these interesting talks which will reveal much about the story of the game.

As you progress through the world of Moo Lander, you will constantly unlock new tactical and combat abilities and then further upgrade them in a way that will shape your unique approach to beating the game.


Milk is at the center of all things Moo Lander. It comes from the ancient mighty cows, it powers 80% of the Lander’s technology, and it is the endgame goal, the salvation of an entire cosmic civilization.

In the game, you use the gathered milk to power your weapons, purchase new abilities and upgrade the current ones. To get this most precious resource, you have to defeat the ancient mighty cow bosses and beam them back to your home planet. Manage this resource wisely, as the milk is both essential to your playthrough and needed to solve the big picture problem. Be creative when handling the game’s milk mechanics, or be reckless and challenge yourself even further – the choice is entirely up to you.


The cows are the cherry on top of the Moo Lander cake – we’ve developed our very own cow AI to achieve maximum combat experience for the player. With a vast array of abilities and special moves, there are over 20 cow species for you to encounter and tame! Each one requires a unique approach to be defeated – expect glorious cow battles that will be the ultimate test of everything you learn while playing Moo Lander!

Some of the Ancient Mighty Cow bosses:

  • Mrs Lava – The molten fire cow that will lighten up your play in ways you haven’t imagined.
  • Granny Toxic – The corrupted cow with affinity to plants that sprout forth and grapple you.
  • The Ice Queen – This one is as cold as the heart of a dead star! Expect chilling combat and a nasty frostbite.


Try to outsmart our intelligent enemies and defeat them in brutal combat. Go through epic battles with mighty cows in a desperate attempt to tame them. Travel to different planets with diverse and challenging terrains, solve ancient puzzles and discover alien civilizations.

Combat in Moo Lander is dynamic, fun and requires a large degree of strategic approach. Combine your weapon choices with a defensive ability for maximum survivability. Deploy a special camouflage module to further adapt to the environment, explore vast areas of alien landscapes and encounter over 30 unique, handcrafted enemies. Beat them with your milk arsenal to research their genome and evolve your own technology. Everything in the name of the grand mission – to save The Landers’ dying civilization!


Choose your milk-powered weapons! The Landers have developed a unique arsenal of crazy (and fun) weapons, almost all powered by milk. The choice is yours – hurl The Mooriken at your enemies or slice them up with The Milk Saber.

Or maybe laser them with a mayhem class milk-beam. Over nine different lethal attacks are at your disposal. But remember – the Ancient Mighty Cows are not to be harmed, so you need to deploy the Non-lethal attacks to tame them properly.

Defend yourself using drones, milk shields, dash and many more fun possibilities – Hamilton’s got you covered with the tech side of things.


Experience our unique take on the “skins” concept – in Moo Lander, skins are actually called camouflage modules. You unlock this technology when defeating enough enemies of the same type – then an access to a unique camouflage module is granted. Every single module reflects the nature of the researched enemy both in vision and in specific genetic attributes (passive bonuses).

Use over 10 different camouflage modules during your playthrough – literally adapt to the game by defeating and researching enemy types. It is entirely up to you to use those skins for fun, for strategic advantage or simply enjoy some Lander fashion.



Experience the alien world of Moo Lander with the high-detail gorgeous visuals and listen to the hours of composed orchestral music that will magnify your immersion in this amazing universe.


With battles being so hilariously epic, the only thing left to do was bringing mooltiplayer to the table. Or should we say – to the couch – we just *had* to give our players the option to play as an Ancient Mighty Cow!

You can expect up to four different modes of 4-player couch co-op multiplayer (two of them are already available in the demo):

  • Fight The Cow – Players can fight for dominion with up to 2 Landers and 2 Cows;
  • Two Landers VS AI Cow – Up to 2 players can try and defeat the near unbeatable mighty AI cow;
  • Chase the Cow – 1 VS 1 challenge in which the fastest one wins;
  • Survive the waves – A co-op adventure for up to 2 Landers and 2 cows.


Moo Lander will be available for the PC via Steam, the Xbox One, the PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch platforms. Taking advantage of the Steam Remote Play feature, you can enjoy our fun mooltiplayer even on different devices in different places. Moo Lander is expected to release in Spring 2022 with full console support.

Инвеститор в Дружеството е „Иновейшън Кепитъл Фонд“ КДА, чиято дейност се изпълнява със съфинансиране от Европейския фонд за регионално развитие по Оперативна програма „Иновации и конкурентоспособност“ 2014-2020, управлявано от Фонд на фондовете в България
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