Moo Lander

Moo Lander new demo out now!

Moo Lander has it all – unlockable battle abilities, worthy enemy AI, Cow boss battles, beautiful art style, self-recorded orchestral music, RPG elements, multiplayer and lots and lots of milk! And now you can experience these features with our new free demo on Steam. Just head over to our steam page, download, and start the fun.

We have prepared a special demo build for this year’s E3 event – bigger, better, more beautiful than ever, more challenging than before! With a 15 to 25 minutes single-player campaign and almost limitless multiplayer fun with the two cool modes – PvP and PvE.

Unlock Them All!

Since our last demo iteration of Moo Lander, we have added awesome new features to the game – camouflage modes and Lander tech. Now you can unlock The Milk Shield, used to block enemy fire and deflect special projectiles, The Milk Saber to slash away at every hostile creature out there, and a completely new gameplay system – the camouflage modes! The full release is filled with all kinds of cool milk-based weapons and milk arsenal, so hang tight to 2022.

The Ancient Mighty Cows

The cow bosses we call “The Ancient Mighty Cows” are back! And with brand new rework to our home-brewed cow AI no less. You can expect angrier, harder cows to battle, both in the Mooltiplayer arenas and in the signleplayer endgame. We’ve added some interesting cow species to the mooltiplayer choices, where you can play as the cow! Challenge yourself with our multi-phase cow boss battle, master The Lander’s tech to defeat them.

Demo Length

With all that being said, the new Moo Lander demo is extended to about 25-minutes of intense gameplay, not including the mooltiplayer option. We’ve also added three difficult levels – easy, normal and hard. The last one being for those of you who fancy a souls-like challenge. Expect environmental puzzles as well, and many, many alien creatures along the way to victory. But you don’t have to be alone in this journey – you can invite over some friends to enjoy the 4-player couch co-op multiplayer!

The Mooltiplayer

You are readying it right – we have an awesome mooltiplayer in Moo Lander, and it gives you the option to play as The Cow! How cool is that? The demo presents several special arena maps and two multiplayer mods – PvP and PvE. Gather some friends to go up against the AI cows, or gear up and do a 2 Landers vs 2 Cows, all controlled by the players. Best enjoyed with a gamepad, the Moo Lander couch co-op moopltiplayer supports Steam Remote Play as well, so you don’t have to be in one room to enjoy some quality gaming time together with your friends.

“Mars is one beautiful place!”

With an upgraded art style, graphics, particle effects and shaders, Moo Lander will stun you with beauty and detail. Get to know our world better, immerse yourself within the strange planet that is Mars – with its lush flora, dangerous, but memorable fauna, environmental hazards, and last, but not least – The Ancient Mighty Cows. They protect their milk, you aim to get it in order to save your dying civilization. All this – accompanied by self-recorded orchestral music.

Инвеститор в Дружеството е „Иновейшън Кепитъл Фонд“ КДА, чиято дейност се изпълнява със съфинансиране от Европейския фонд за регионално развитие по Оперативна програма „Иновации и конкурентоспособност“ 2014-2020, управлявано от Фонд на фондовете в България
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