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Lander tech explained – camouflage system

We actually wanted to implement skins in Moo Lander, but do it in such a way that it would complement the story of the game itself. So we came up with a scientific (from the Landers’ point of view) explanation for the ship skins. Not only that, but we combined the gameplay mechanic explanation with the skins explanation using worldbuilding and lore. Thus, the camouflage module deployment system was born, have a look:

Like any technologically advanced race, The Landers rely on their own technology to explore the universe and evolve further. Their unique approach to technological advancement is the high reliance on the surroundings and gathering of raw data/biological samples. This way The Landers actually improve on the go – when encountering new species – be it flora or fauna, they research them almost instantaneously.

Then they start analyzing the gathered data, implementing the good findings as soon as possible. With no time to spare on testing, the results are implemented as an almost identical feature of the researched life form. Of course, testing is actually done in real life situations while The Landers explore and discover new worlds and life forms. Sometimes negative results are evident, and not every technological implementation is further utilized. But more often than not, The Landers execute their newest inventions with great success.

One of the more useful inventions is the camouflage technology system.

The Landers’ ancient environmental camouflage technology is state of the art module application, based on the local flora and fauna.

Whenever you encounter and defeat a new enemy, data is gathered. This data is then processed and implemented towards crucial research. Defeat enough enemies to produce a new camouflage module, which adds passive bonuses, specifically tailored to better tackle the unique enemy type.

In time, you will have a wide variety of different modules to use whenever needed.


“The Landers never once underestimated the new worlds they visited. Instead, they learned from them and evolved!”
Инвеститор в Дружеството е „Иновейшън Кепитъл Фонд“ КДА, чиято дейност се изпълнява със съфинансиране от Европейския фонд за регионално развитие по Оперативна програма „Иновации и конкурентоспособност“ 2014-2020, управлявано от Фонд на фондовете в България
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